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Thalay Valley is in Ghanche, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, on the bank of Shyok River, The Shyok River meets Indus River at Keris about 30 kilometers west of Thalay. Thalay has 16 large and small mohallah: Daltir, Baltoro , Brooqpa Baltoro, Gongma Baltoro, Harangus, Chundu, Taso, Parangus, Haltagari, Yarkhor, Daltir, Gagurik , Burdas, Khasumik, etc. House Valley is to the east, Karis Valley to the west, Shiger Valley to the north and Daghini/Balghar are located to the south.

Thalay Valley is 40km long while its widh is approximately 20km.about 35km away on the northwest from the district headquarters Ghanche (Gilgit Baltistan), and 110km from Skardu city and situated at 2,647m above sea level and falls in the single cropping zone. The main occupation is agriculture.


S/No Description about Thalay Union Council Number

  • Elevation (in meters) 2600 to 7150
  • Number of Settlement 16
  • Total length of the valley (in KM) 40
  • Number of Glaciers 5
  • Number of Natural Lake 6
  • Shingchang Pass (in meters) 4700
  • Cropping zone Single Human Resource
  • Total Household 1746
  • Household Size 10
  • Male 6500
  • Female 6460
  • Total Population 12960
  • Male Literacy Ratio 60%
  • Female Literacy Ratio 50%
  • Tourism related persons 5%
  • Servicemen 15%
  • Skilled Person 5%
  • Businessmen 4%
  • / Farmer 70%
  • Poor 38%
  • Poorest 4%
  • Rich 2%
  • Disable 320
  • Orphan 260


The awareness of getting education in Thalay started hundreds of years ago. From that era most of them became Islamic school. After 1945 the few parents sent their children to school. They were 8–12 in number from village Harangus, yarkhor and baltoro. One of them became successful to get his goal. Behind his success was his mother. His mother was not educated but encouraged and helped him to get education. And he was Haji Ali Shah from Harangus Thalay. Then he struggled to spread education in Thalay. Initially there was no school. And because of his struggle new educational institutions are founded rapidly. Nowadays there are following institutions;

  • one higher secondary school
  • Two High school
  • 2 midel schools
  • 4 primary schools
  • Non-formal school
  • 6 BECS schools ( working now)

Total= 15


(at Harangus)

  • Fruit nursery (agriculture department)
  • Post office
  • Ration depot
  • Hydle (power) station (Daltir)
  • Hydle station phase I (Parangus)
  • Hydle station phase II (Baltoro)

Health care

  • Four first aid posts
  • A class dispensary
  • Veterinary dispensaryReferences (harangus)
  • C class dispensary (Tagari)

Nature resources

  • 38 valleys for pasture
  • Abundant water from glaciers
  • Three Lakes
  • Destination GILGIT BALTISTAN
  • Departure Time
  • Accommodation All Inclusive
  • What´s Included
  • Not Included


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