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Literature has been the major source to document political
and social development of peoples; it is as old as the history
of mankind. In primitive times, when there was no facility or
resources to record the history in written form, usually it was
recorded and transmitted through oral literature. Oral
literature was then the basic tool to preserve the cultural and
traditional mode of living of a nation.1 There are several examples in rich literatures of the world like in English
Beowulf2, in Italian Decameron3 and so on and so forth.
Such literary pieces very adeptly present the norms, values,
customs, traditions and peculiar life style of the people of
that era. This paper seeks to identify the cultural reflection in
Balti literature disseminated far and wide through folksongs
of Baltistan.
Every living nation is being known and distinguished by
its unique history, culture and tradition; making it significant
in contrast to any other culture and tradition. Usually,
cultural, social, political and religious accounts of any nation
are recorded through writing history in chronological order.
But there is another source through which the happenings
and evolution of any civilization can best be documented,
and it is called literature. Literature is perhaps the most
appropriate medium to record the socio-cultural, socio-
political and religious developments of a civilization The historical and geographical statuses of peoples play
a very important role in flourishing art, literature and culture
of the region, because these factors not only affect the
nature of people but strongly influence the cultural traditions
of that area as well. Thus as the geographical locations vary
from region to region, the literature also becomes unique
even being in a particular vicinity, for example, Canadian
and American literature, Italian and French literature. Even
though, these countries are bordering each other yet their
literature varies, no matter the subject matters and themes
are the same; they have different cultural backgrounds. So
just like the European literature, the literature of Baltistan,
Tibet (China) and Leh or Ladakh (India) is different from each other although the geographical and geological
stipulations are almost same. People of these areas share
the same cultural characteristics but there are some
idiosyncrasies and uniqueness which make them distinct
from each other.


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