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Welcome to Four Seasons Expeditions, Treks and Tours. We are all weather birds to take you on journey of nature exploration, mountain adventure and heritage discovery, and yet all this combined with cultural subtleties offered by mighty hearts of our welcoming people and communities. Pakistan, a cultural heart of several ancient civilizations, has a mystic soul and an awe aspiring geography – with ever varying topographical patterns. Its snow covered mountains grow along glacier-melt rivulets and grow loftier and loftier to a beholder’s eyes and the site seer witnesses the horizon embracing the mountains. The mountain chains running along River Indus humbly come to meet lush green valleys abundant in fresh water lakes and pastures which provide habitats to all forms of life. The pastures, walking down towards oceans, come to plateaus where life is almost all dependent on the play of nature. Plateaus fell to plains, plains which provide sanctuary to human artistry, skill, mastery, culture - ultimately to human civilization. Plains enter the deserts, which behave all differently in days and nights and give way to rivers to immerse into occasions. All Four Seasons in Pakistan – autumn, winters, summers and spring - wrap everything into their own unique colors, all different and all beautiful.    

Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan is home to and meeting point of three great mountain ranges of the world, the mighty Karakorum, rugged Hindu Kush and magnificent Himalayas. Out of world’s 100 highest peaks, 37, including 8611 meters K-2 the second highest in the world, are located in these mountains. Five of these peaks are over 8000 meters. The region attracts trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world, and once here their memories of this region live with them forever and they often have chanting recalls to revisit the places where they have been for nature loving, spiritual fulfillments, self-searching, self-challenging and colorfulness of life.    

The high mountain regions of Northern Pakistan are very different in spirit to the neighboring Himalayas of Nepal and India. The Karakorum and Hindu Kush lay beyond the reach of the monsoon rains, resulting in a distinct lack of natural vegetation. Geology has also played a role in creating a unique mountain environment in the Karakorum. Whereas in the Himalayas there are gently graded slopes leading to the face of a mountain, here most of the mountains are simply huge monoliths of granite which rise abruptly and vertically for thousands of meters out of many a valley floor; creating awe-inspiring and inimitable mountain vistas. Different from Karakorum and Hindu Kush Pakistan Himalayas, comprising the Swat valley, the Kaghan valley and the Nanga Parbat region, fall just inside the monsoon belt. So, they are green and forested and in vivid contrast to the other mountain regions of Northern Pakistan. Four Seasons Expeditions, Treks and Tours organize trekking and cultural exploration events in all regions of Pakistan. It is important to note that Trekking Permit through an authorized trekking/travel agency in Pakistan is an essential requirement. The Four Seasons Expeditions, Treks and Tours provide efficient services to obtain such permits. We ensure that our honorable visitors are served in the best possible ways, and they enjoy a life time experience in trekking, mountaineering and cultural explorations.


Build a peaceful, tolerant, responsible and environmental friendly society.


Promote tourism as a mean for appreciating cultural and topographical diversity.


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